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Shark & Sea Lion Combo

The first tour in Australia where you can now Swim with the Australian Sealions and then shark cage dive with the magnificent Great White Sharks all in the same day (at two different locations) saving you both time and money!

Operates between the months of October and May.

Tours are not operated every day as we are committed to minimizing the impact to the Sealion colonies we visit. Please check our calendar for availability or contact our office.


  • After departing the Port Lincoln Marina enjoy a boat cruise to the days lunch stop.
  • Upon arrival at either Hopkins or Grindal Island, wetsuits, masks and snorkels are provided and we are ready for the most playful swim ever. One of our crew will be in the water with you at all times.  Once in the water, the Sea Lions entice you to come and play. With summersaults and swirls they glide effortlessly past.
  • After approximately an hour of swimming it is time to climb back onto the boat, a hot shower awaits and the coffee machine is ready.
  • From here we head to Neptune Islands Marine Park for an afternoon of shark cage diving.  Upon arrival divers are formed into groups.
  • We are dealing with sharks in their natural environment, they are free to come and go as they please. Our crew strive to ensure all groups get a similar experience in the cage, based on shark interaction so the actual time does vary between the groups. Please remember that the day isn’t just about being in the cage as there is also ample viewing opportunity from on board the vessel while waiting for your turn to dive. (the same amount of dive time as the day tour).
  • Enjoy a fully cooked dinner at sea and then enjoy a twilight trip home enjoying a beverage from our licenced bar.
  • A benefit of this tour when it boards at 11.00am is you can fly in the morning of the trip and you are only required to stay the one night in Port Lincoln for the time poor travellers.

During some months this tour will board at 6:00am or 6:30am. In this case, the tour will operate in reverse and breakfast is served instead of dinner.



All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST (10% GST).
Click here for conversion information.


Adult: $640.00 plus $39.70 Visitor Use Fee = $679.70                                                            

Child: $590.00 plus $39.70 Visitor Use Fee = $629.70 [child = 16 years and under]

  • Price includes the use of our wetsuits, hood, boots, gloves and mask.
  • NO extra dive fees to be paid on board.
  • No administration fee charged on top of the Visitor Use Fee.
  • The price of our tours is the same for all guests as when a shark is sighted, everyone on board has the opportunity to view the shark, not just those in the cage. We encourage all guests to dive in the shark cage and respect the wishes of those who prefer to watch from the boat. If a shark isn’t sighted, we offer a $100 refund to all guests and a discounted return ticket as part of our No Shark Policy.

The $39.70 Visitor Use Fee payable to Department of Environment and Water (DEW) at the time of booking. No administration fee charged.

Visitor Use Fee - Calypso Star Charters is required by the South Australian Government to hold a licence to operate at the Neptune Islands and to pay licence fees.  These licence fees go towards research and ongoing management of white shark cage diving, including monitoring of interactions of white sharks and tourism at Neptune Islands.

You can read more about the management of our industry on the Department of Environment and Water’s website HERE

PLEASE NOTE: In the event that we don’t see any Great White Sharks, you will be refunded $100 per person. In addition all adult passengers will be given a $200 voucher (child’s voucher value is $150) to return within a period of 12 months from the date of the unsuccessful tour. Please read our No Shark Policy for all our Terms & ConditionsWERE ARE THE ONLY ONE DAY OPERATOR TO OFFER A DISCOUNTED RETURN VOUCHER.

PLEASE NOTE - In the event that the weather conditions are not favourable to Swim with the Sealions, the tour will operate as a Twilight Shark Cage Diving charter.  Guests will then have the option to either receive a refund of $145 or choose to join a Swim with the Sealions charter at no charge on another day. 



  • Full days charter boarding at either 11.00am or 6.30am
  • Length of tour is approximately 12 hours
  • Operates from October through to May.  Dates outside of these months please contact us


  • Maximum of 25 passengers
  • No minimum passengers required

What’s included

  • Mask, Snorkel, Wetsuit & Fins
  • Tea, coffee & water.  Soft drinks and alcohol available to purchase
  • 11.00am tour - Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, cooked dinner and light refreshments all day
  • 6.30am tour - Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and light refreshments all day

Those who choose not to Swim with the Sealions may join the Captain in the tender boat to observe the Sealions.

Boat facilities

  • 60 foot MV Calypso Star - the fastest vessel to Neptune Island Marine Park.
  • Fully Air-conditioned saloon/bridge, coffee machine, toilets and hot water shower on board
  • Huge main deck and swim platform
  • Large shark cage for up to 6 divers
  • Boat tender to assist you into the water
  • Non smoking vessel

Optional extras

  • Soft drinks, bottled water and alcohol available for purchase
  • Souvenirs available on board
  • GoPro hire available on board

Check in details

Please meet at our office at 3/10 South Quay Boulevard (blue fronted building)

  • Please arrive from 10.30am for the 11.00am tour.  All guests are required to have checking by 10.50am.
  • Please arrive from 6.00am for the 6.30am tour.  All guests are required to have checking by 6.20am.
  • Pre booked transfers from accommodation places are available for $10 per person return.  Please make sure this is booked prior to 5.30pm the day before your charter.

Age requirements

  • Children under the age of 8 are only allowed to enter the water at the Skippers discretion on the day.  
  • All children under the age of 16 require adult supervision at all times.  
  • If they are in the water their supervising adult is required to also be in the water at all times.  If the child or the adult exit the water the adult or the child will also be required to do so.
  • Any guest under the age of 18 needs to have their waiver form signed by a parent or guardian.

What to bring

To ensure the comfort of your trip you will need to bring:

  • Bathers and a towel.
  • Your camera, if you have one. If you do not we do have GoPros on board you can to hire and a highlights package is available to purchase.
  • Charging cables. USB points are available on our vessels.
  • Comfortable clothing: Remember to pack some warm clothes as it can get cool on the water (even in summer). A warm jacket is a must in winter. Our vessels have reverse cycle air-conditioning for your comfort. 
  • Sunglasses: Polarized sunglasses make it easier to see into the water and spot the sharks from on board.
  • Sunscreen - we encourage you to be sunsmart.
  • Boat appropriate soft-soled shoes - not thongs
  • Space is limited, small bags are appreciated.
  • A reusable drink bottle as chilled filtered water is available on board.

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How to book?

Click here to book on line is the easiest way! Calypso Star Charters has the latest secure technology, however, if you would prefer to download and print this form, you can complete it then send by email or fax to +61 (8) 8682 6877 

Shark Research Donation - Flinders University

  • Flinders University's Southern Shark Ecology Group was awarded a Monitoring and Research contract by DEWNR for 3 years from July 2016. This research monitors the visitation patterns and temporary residency period of the sharks that we see. Information is used in the dynamic management of the Shark Cage Diving Industry to guide decisions regarding Non Activity Days. In addition to the contracted research, Flinders University excels in White Shark research and collaborates with research institutions around the world.
  • Calypso Star Charters is a proud supporter of Dr Charlie Huveneers and his team. Charlie is a frequent guest on board our charters, tagging sharks and deploying or retrieving monitoring equipment. We provide shark images that are used in a growing ID catalogue. The high frequency of our charters assists in gaining a better understanding of the visitation patterns as some sharks only visit for a day or two each year.
  • We are proud to pass on your donations to Flinders University to assist funding White Shark research outside of the monitoring program.

    Click here to read more from Dr Charlie Huveneers

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Video and photo options >

GoPro Hire $60

  • Hire of the GoPro and the purchase of a micro SD card with adapter. 

Highlights Photos $35

  • Our crew will also take photos throughout the day including a shot with our replica jaws, a shot of your group before the dive, an individual shot of you entering the shark cage and other candid shots throughout the day. Please note our crew are not professional photographers.
  • A USB of digital photos is compiled using all good quality photos from the day, along with some great snaps and footage from our archives.

Photo Package $80

  • Can not decided if you wish to hire a GoPro or purchase the highlights package?  Why not do both and save! This package includes the highlights package which will be added to your GoPro SD card.

A collection of photos from each charter will also be uploaded to our Facebook page.  Please make sure you like us to keep updated!

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Download our Free Tour App

We have a Calypso Star Charters Tours App, which can be downloaded to your phone/iPad before the tour.

It contains heaps of local information, photos and available in 15 different languages.

Please download it before you board. Search the Apple App Store or Google Play for Calypso Star Charters.

Or click on the links below to take you direct - Available for Apple and Android users.



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Shark Sightings

We are the only operator in Australia that publicises current and historic sightings!


Use this to help you decide on the best time to come. As we are dealing with a nomadic creature in its natural environment, we cannot suggest when would be the best time.  We provide this information to be open and honest with all our guests to help you make an informed decision!

Our average daily success rate since January 1st 2011 is 83%

Recent Great White Shark Sightings

NON ACTIVITY DAYS - Non Activity Days were imposed by the Department of Environment and Water in 2013 as a recommendation by the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). They are a strategy to minimise any potential impact on shark behaviour, site visitation pattern and changes to temporary residency period of sharks to Neptune Islands. 4 days per fortnight are designated as Non Activity Days and all one day operators adhere to the same schedule.

Monday 23rd


Wednesday 18th


Monday 16th


Wednesday 25th
No Charter
Tuesday 24th
Non Activity Day
Monday 23rd
Sunday 22nd
No Charter
Saturday 21st
Friday 20th
Non Activity Day
Thursday 19th
Wednesday 18th

No shark policy

Everyone knows that when dealing with nature there are definitely NO GUARANTEES. We want to make sure that you are well informed about our Shark Policy and that your expectations are reasonable. We make every effort to ‘lure’ the Great White to us our boat within government specified guidelines however being the wonderful, impulsive & unpredictable creatures that they are we simply cannot change that.

Shark activity varies year to year. To assist you with making your decision on the best time to travel please visit our shark sightings calendar. See our shark sightings

The price you pay is purchasing a ticket to join our charter and not a promise of a shark interaction.

In the event that we don’t see any Great White Sharks you will be refunded $100. Refunds will be processed via the same method as the payment was received within seven days of a tour. Bank fees and charges incurred through the refund process are at the cost of the guest.

In addition all adult passengers will be given a $200 voucher (child’s voucher value is $150) to return within a period of 12 months from the date of the unsuccessful tour.

We are rhe ONLY one-day operator who has a 'No Shark Policy'.


Please note: The return voucher is a gift to those guests who wish to try again so the next trip is at a reduced price. The vouchers are not a compensation for the first trip to be cheaper and this is why they are not redeemable for cash or transferable.

If no sharks are sighted on the second trip, a voucher will be issued for the third trip at $100 per person plus the current Visitor Use Fee, to come on board as a diver.  If you are really unlucky after a third trip you are eligible to come on board for $100 per person plus the current Visitor Use Fee as a diver until you successfully see a shark.

See Terms and Conditions

Do you have a question we have not answered on our website?

Can you please email us the question so firstly we can answer it and secondly maybe add it to the FAQ's for other people who could be wondering the same? Thanks!

See our information sheet PDF

Click here for a pdf version of our brochures

View our Terms and Conditions >

Sea Lions Frequently Asked Questions

Are there sharks there?

Do you have a question we have not answered on our website?

Can you please email us the question so firstly we can answer it and secondly maybe add it to the FAQ's for other people who could be wondering the same? Thanks!

View our Terms and Conditions >

Exclusive Hire options

Shark Cage Diving & Sea Lion Tours

Our vessels are available for exclusive hire for Shark Cage Diving and Swim with the Sealions. 

Exclusive hire options give flexibility to departure and arrival times, crewing, catering and offer complete privacy to guests throughout the booking process and whilst on board.

We offer peak and off peak prices for exclusive hire, please contact our team for more information.

Other Exclusive Hire options

Our well-equipped vessels and adaptable crew are available for exclusive hire for activities outside of our tour options for an hour, a day a week or longer. Please contact our General Manager to discuss

  • Seafood cruises
  • Transfer of personnel, equipment and fuel to offshore islands and vessels
  • Deployment and retrieval of research equipment
  • Underwater surveys and dive support
  • Commercial divers available
  • Film crews with a licensed drone pilot available
  • Vessel relocation/delivery and manning up to Master Class 4 and Marine Engine Driver 1


Port Lincoln Hotel
Port Lincoln Hotel



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