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In 2015 a pair of breeding Osprey set up house on a barge in Proper Bay Port Lincoln.  When the barge came up for sale Calypso Star Charters purchased it to preserve the birds home.

The nest was later transferred to a more secure barge next door and a more robust roost was built for the bundle of sticks which can weight more than 100kg.

A security camera was mounted near the nest to both protect the birds and to observe these amazing animals in their environment.

The camera has since been updated to an infrared model that monitors the birds 24/7.

From then to now

It is fascinating to watch the pair construct their nest over the years with the male bird bringing back everything from old fishing rope to discarded T-shirts!

The first egg for the 2019 season was laid on August 6th.

The chicks 'Calypso' & 'Star' were born on 18th & 20th September.

Photos by Fran Solly

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